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Restart after caution. Four laps to go. The #6 of Justin Lofton leads it home for the win.

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Fernando Alonso/Ferrari F2012/Sebastian Vettel/RBR RB8/Interlagos/2012

2 Titles vs. 3 Titles. In this case, less is more, much more (and better).

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Test went well. Or I think. Ill find out in 8-12 weeks.

Drinks went down excellent.

Now I’m drunk watching NASCAR. ‘Merica!

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Guise! Im a NASCAR racer! #friend #jlracing #racing #roadtrip (Taken with Instagram)

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Belgium’s Niels Albert and Netherlands’ Lars Boom (R) compete during the ‘Azencross Loenhout’ cyclocross race, the fifth of eight GVA trophy stages, in Loenhout on December 28, 2011. AFP PHOTO / BELGA / PETER DECONINCK ***BELGIUM OUT*** Prev (via Belgium’s Niels Albert And Netherlands’ Lars Boom (R) Compete - Yahoo! Sports Photos)

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Great little video of some serious track action.

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Walter Röhrl/Audi Quattro S1/Pikes Peak/1987

“Walter Röhrl, the reserved perfectionist, was a virtually unknown European as far as American racing fans were concerned, and was taking part at Pikes Peak for the first time. But the dominance with which he took control of proceedings from the outset was evidence of his exceptional talent.

On 11 July 1987, the day of the race, the organisers made the drivers start the race in the reverse order of their results in qualifying. Vatanen brought up the rear of the field, with Röhrl one place in front of him. The man from Regensburg, always calm and collected at the wheel, conquered the world’s most elevated highway in a new world record time of 10:47:85 minutes. He reached sixth gear in the S1 on four occasions, and at the quickest point of the track was measured at a speed of 196 km/h. Röhrl took each of the 156 corners with razor-sharp precision and performed full power-slides around the hairpin bends; sometimes the edge of the car was actually hanging over the precipice.”

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